Ken Colwell, Dean of the School of Business at Central Connecticut State University, discusses thinking and strategizing as an entrepeneur.
Feli Ani discusses a risk and evidence-based approach to funding new startups. Securing monetary support can come from a variety of sources--including not spending money. Ufeli speaks to how risk and funding are linked along a life cycle during which financial sources can be segmented by the risks inherent at different stages.
Martin Cloake, President of Raven Telemetry (raven.ai) has a back ground in manufacturing, engineering and is a data analytics AI guy. As we enter the era of Internet of Everything, the world is changing to data driven decision making. However, as Martin discusses, this provides the opportunity to move beyond analytics and presentation of data into the world of actionable analytics results.
Chris Albinson has a broad background in startups in California and other regions. He speaks about how new cost models and data analytics are being used to assess startups along with attributes that define successful startups.
Brigitte Baumann, founder of the global angel investor group Go Beyond Investing,(go-beyond.biz), describes learning entrepreneurship and angel investing by doing.